Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Underhill Fest 2013 – Submit your film

Thank you for your interest in submitting your film to the UNDERHILLFest 2013. Submissions are now open.
You may click the “Download application” button below to start the application process.
Before you begin, please read the Rules & Regulations document thoroughly.
Entry deadline: April 15th 2013.
UNDERHILLFest 2013 Entry Form

Rules and Regulations

Festival programmes

Film program consists of competitive and non-competitive parts.
Competitive program includes two selections: international and regional.
The international selection includes films from all over the world except those belonging to the regional selection.
The regional selection of films includes those produced in Albania, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Italy, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Romania.

Application requirements

Date of Production: Films completed after January 1, of the previous calendar year are are eligible for UnderhillFest.
Running time: Feature films with 40-180 minutes in duration.
Language: All screeners and films to be shown, except those in Croatian, Serbian and Bosnian, must haveEnglish subtitles.
Formats: HDV, DVCam and DV
Rights and permissions: Directors, producers and various owners’ rights holders may apply with their respective films for the competitive part of the festival. It is expected that they have regulated their rights to have their movies taken to festivals.

Application procedure

Please send filled application to . The application must contain:
- A brief synopsis of the film in English;
- Three photos of good quality (suitable for printing);
- Dialogue list in English;
- A photo and a biography of the director (in English), and
- Promotional material in electronic form (posters, press kits, etc.)
Upon application, please send a DVD screener to:
Njegoševa 34
81000 Podgorica
Application is free of charge. All incoming costs are borne by the sender; all outgoing costs are borne by the organizer.

Selection and presentation

The selection of films is made by the director and the art director of the festival. Number of selected films for the showcase depends on their duration. Each of the selected films at the festival will be shown no more than two times.In order to promote the winning films of the festival, UnderhillFest retains the right to non-nommercial presentation of such films, without any special financial compensation, notifying the owner’s right holder about it.

Awards and jury

UnderhillFest official awards are:
Dandelion for the best film in the international selection;
Dandelion for the best film in the regional selection;
Dandelion Audience Award for the best movie.
The jury consists is comprised of three prominent and internationally recognized filmmakers and critics, who will assessed according to their own criteria, at the same time respecting the Regulation for the Festival and of the work of the jury. For the international and regional categories the composition of the jury will be suggested by the director of the festival The Audience Award is awarded based on the average rating given by the audience after the screening, by means of filling out provided questionnaires or sending an SMS.

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